From an Italian magazine called Deep Listenings, whose Web site is at

"Poetry, very high is celebrated the mineral kingdom, the kingdom of the shadows, of the intact deep of geological layers that keep the memory of very far era. The film sound of that magical nights and now at our disposal for one of the best listening we can desire: we cannot speak of simple electronic music, but of a new classical music, of the art of the performance, of a 360 culture. Wonderful." -- Gianluigi Gasparetti, Artistic Director,

From Elizabeth Barrette, Editor, PanGaia magazine,

"Come sink beneath the surface of the Earth and explore the subterranean caverns that lie below. This music can take you there, because it's been there -- originally composed for a concert in the caves of Choranche in France, it premiered on loudspeakers scattered along nearly 600 meters of underground galleries through which the audience wandered during the performance. The publisher's Web site describes this as a 'poetical exploration of the Underworld, the world of shades, of stones, of memory and of oblivion.' Given my grasp of mythology and the numerous depictions of different cosmologies, I have to agree; it's like a musical tour of the nether realms.

The album contains both instrumental scores and spoken-word overlays. Together they create an incredible acoustic environment, easily painting caves on the insides of your eyelids as you listen. The eerie, echoing quality of the sounds will make your skin shiver most delightfully.

Cantus Umbrarum offers an awesome selection of music sure to appeal to fans of horror, gothic, or dark fantasy; this is a mood-setter that can't be beat. Ideal background music for gaming, ritual or writing. I wouldn't recommend it for driving, though, because of that tendency to carry you away from where you are to where it is. Listen to it for the first time late at night, for best effect."