Welcome to the Horizon Music catalog. We are delighted to present our label's repertoire from around the world in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide. Several of these titles have been regrettably difficult to find for many years, regardless of recorded format. Horizon Music has been trying to change this status for eight years, and we are continuing our attempts to do so.

1999 was a big year for our company, one that witnessed us gaining wider distribution in retail stores such as Tower and Musicland chains and Web sites like cdnow.com through a partnership with Electric Kingdom Distribution, and the releases of two acclaimed titles -- Steve Jolliffe's Deep Down Far and Mark Ashby's Dance of Shadows film score. We were happy to kick off 2000 by joining forces with the extraordinary French duo, Lightwave, whose Cantus Umbrarum was released to critical acclaim in March. And in 2001, we decided to help Chicago-based synthesist Bil Vermette reach a wider audience with his music, which has also been critically acclaimed in Europe. 2002 brings forth an album by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, a musician who has been actively making music both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other prominent musicians since the late 1960's, and who has influenced several generations of electronic musicians ever since.

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Conrad Schnitzler

Moon Mummy (#HM-1011-2, $12): Late 2005 saw the release of a CD by this pioneer of electronic music. Cacaphonous electronics abound. Jarring percussion as well. Artwork and story (with accompanying PDF) by Matt Howarth.

The Distance

The Mirror Shattered (#HM-1002-2, $12): A "movie without pictures" a la Pete Townshend's PsychoDerelict and Roger Waters' Radio KAOS. Progressive synth music is augmented with a spoken narrative. Highly acclaimed for its originality (see also Mark Ashby, above).

Infinite Horizons

Various Artists (#HM-1901-2, $24): A limited edition two-CD set consisting of over two hours of rare and previously unreleased music by 13 of today's best progressive instrumental artists such as Chris Franke of Babylon 5 fame, Lightwave, Johannes Schmoelling, Conrad Schnitzler, Star Sounds Orchestra and more.

Steve Jolliffe

Invitation (#HM-401CD-2, $12): A compilation featuring works from several earlier Jolliffe albums, including one that is out of print. Also contains four previously unreleased tracks. Released in 1999.

Alien (#HM-1000-2, $12): An eclectic mixture of acoustic and electronic music, epitomizing Jolliffe's trademark style of fusing modern sounds and technology with traditional instruments such as flute and saxophone.

Beyond the Dream (#HM-0002-2, $12): An album that hearkens back to Jolliffe's days with Tangerine Dream. Progressive electronic music augmented with acoustic sounds. Features vocals on four tracks, though in a more traditional manner than on TD's Cyclone.

Escape (#HM-0001-2, $12): Composed and performed entirely on one keyboard, Escape was the first album to feature the "electronic symphony" sound that Steve was known for in the early '90s.

Journeys Out of the Body (#HM-0008-2, $12): His classic album from 1982! Haunting ambient and electronic soundscapes are combined with the occasional use of wind instruments. Featuring performances by late Jade Warrior guitarist Tony Duhig. Extensive liner notes by Steve.

Omni (#HM-1003-2, $12): The follow-up to 1996's Zanzi, Omni features a rhythmically driven, progressive type of trance music. Each track works toward a central theme, which is in turn explored and ultimately brought to a logical conclusion.

Space (#HM-1008-2, $12): Released in 2003, this disc is an effective combination of electronic and classical music. Several pieces have orchestral sounds in places where one might normally expect electronics.

Temmenu (#HM-0040-2, $12): Inspired by the star that the ancient Babylonians believed was the center of the universe. The name means "foundation stone". Some parts are all-acoustic, with piano, flute and saxophone, while others incorporate elements of ambient trance. All these passages are linked together to form one 50-minute piece. Released in 1996.

Zanzi (#HM-1001-2, $12): A critically-acclaimed one-hour journey into the world of ambient trance music, hearkening back to the golden age of electronic music when side-long compositions were the norm. On Zanzi, Steve returns to -- and goes beyond -- the adventurous spirit of those early recordings with his first-ever completely electronic album. Chosen by the radio program Musical Starstreams as one of its Top Ten albums of 1996.


Cantus Umbrarum (#HM-1006-2, $12): The French duo's first Horizon release! Composed for a sound exhibit inside underground caves, ambient soundscapes mingle with voice samples and sound effects in a unique, evocative journey into the unknown. Finalist in the trade journal New Age Voice's "space/electronic/ambient" category. For more details about this group, please see the official Lightwave Web site at www.lightwave-musique.com.

Mundus Subterraneus (#HM-1010-2, $12): A reissuing of a collaboration with Paul Haslinger that was originally released in 1995. Dense, ambient compositions that sound great on headphones. Inspired by the work of 17th century Roman scholar Athanasius Kircher.

Tycho Brahé (#HM-1009-2, $12): This re-release of a 1993 CD also features synthesists Paul Haslinger on several tracks and Hector Zazou on others. Jacques Der´┐Żgnaucourt plays violin on several selections as well. Mostly ambient, and sometimes orchestrally so.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Selfportrait VIII - Introspection (#HM-1007-2, $12): The first Horizon release from this pioneering and highly influential musician. Well known for his association with such progressive and electronic groups and artists as Cluster, Harmonia, Brian Eno and Aquarello, Roedelius has also recorded numerous highly personal albums in a series he calls "Selfportrait". This 2002 release is his eighth in the sequence, and it is a very soothing and peaceful affair that Roedelius dedicates to all victims of wars and terrorism throughout the world.

Dom F. Scab

About a Tree (#HM-8087-2, $15): A 2003 release. Dom's most focused and intense effort to date. Continues combining elements of 1970s and 1980s electronic music.


Mythical Pursuit (HM-1012-2, $12): A 2008 release from the Belgian synthesist Danny Budts with artwork and PDF strip by Matt Howarth. Sequencer rhythms fused with dark ambient chords may remind some listeners of early-1980s Tangerine Dream.

Bil Vermette

Voyager (#HM-0601-2, $15): A 1994 release that is strongly influenced by Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, yet goes beyond those influences into something unique.

Emocean (#HM-0702-2, $15): With its ethereal grandeur, this 1995 album has reminded some listeners of waterfalls. Others have felt a slight Jean-Michel Jarre influence. Regardless, this is a logical extension of the original ideas from Voyager.

Geophobia (#HM-0804-2, $15): Released in 1997, this disc has more of a live feel to it than Voyager or Emocean. Electronic intensity and focus shines through on every track.

BeyondHereBe... (#BILCD904, $15): 9 soothing, structured compositions without the sugaryness sometimes associated with "new age" music. Released in 2006.

Galaxies IV (#84501-6899, $24): A double CD that came out in 2012. Similar to BeyondHereBe... but a bit more Oriental.


Tape #4 (#PERM-048, $15): VCSR stands for Voltage Controlled Silent Regions. This album consists of hypnotic electronic improvisations that were recorded in 1979 and 1980 but finally released as an LP (not CD) in 2015. A few overdubs but no editing or mixing. The record has 3 tracks and is about 40 minutes long.