A review of Steve Jolliffe's "Deep Down Far" CD that appeared in the March/April 2000 issue of New Age Retailer. Their URL is www.newageretailer.com.

"Perhaps the single most important group in the development of contemporary instrumental New Age music is Tangerine Dream. Over three decades, they have incorporated many members, including Steve Jolliffe. After producing several solo albums of rock and jazz orientation, Jolliffe turned to the pulsations of Jean-Michel Jarre's sound with critically acclaimed Zanzi and Omni. On Deep Down Far, Jolliffe ventures into a new territory of keyboard suites with dashes of pop, jazz, and classical thrown in for spice.

The aptly titled "Exórdírí", which means "to begin", sets the epic stage with majestic synths, Searching for truth on "Verus" and freedom on "Libéré", Jolliffe ups the intensity with violins, bass, and tribal percussion before settling into sound experimentation and choirs. The approaching gloom and despair of "Seola" dissipates into the limitless possibilities of "Infinity."

This project is a cutting-edge set for fans of Tangerine Dream, Jarre, and electronic enthusiasts in search of nontraditional compositions.

By Ted Cox