L i n k s


       SOUND STUDIOS   --   www.bkpmusic.com
       BKP Music is one of the leading Dubai-based music, audioand video production companies with over six state-of-the-art sound studios established across the Middle East.

       DIGITAL SIGNAGE   --   www.adi.tv
       ADI are one of the world's leading names in LED screen technology. We offer some of the world's most innovative solutions for permanent installation and hire, servicing some of the world's leading brands and events.

       HORIZON MUSIC   --   www.hmnetwork.com

       SYNTH MUSIC DIRECT   --   www.synthmusicdirect.com
       One of the UK's leading EM labels and retailers. Contains interviews with Air Sculpture.

       RICOCHET DREAM   --   www.ricochetdream.com
       Vic Rek's electronic music label and distributorship. Focuses on Tangerine Dream and related artists. Also organizes electronic music concerts in various parts of the world.

       GROOVE   --   www.groove.nl
       An outstanding EM label from Holland. Music by Ron Boots, John Dyson, Steve Roach, Michael
       Stearns and many others.

       MANIKIN   --   www.manikin.de
       An EM label that features recordings by Klaus Schulze and Ashra.

       HEARTS OF SPACE   --   www.hos.com

       ERDENKLANG   --   www.erdenklang.de

       SPOTTED PECCARY   --   www.spottedpeccary.com
       Original progressive and electronic music inspired by the landscape, culture and energy of North

       DiN   --   www.DiN.org.uk
       Purveyors of fine contemporary electronica. Inaugurated in 1999 by Ian Boddy.

       GLACIAL MOVEMENTS RECORDS   --   www.glacialmovements.com/

       BIOLIFESTYLE   --   www.biolifestyle.org
       An independent New Age discographic label and holistic and alternative therapy formation portal, whose scope it is to divulgate Roger Moretto's holistic research and musical compositions.


Radio Stations

       SOMA FM   --   www.somafm.com
       Lots of unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco. Emphasis on ambient, electronic, space and industrial music.



       BLUE MANGO CAFE   --   www.bluemangocafe.net
       A Web site devoted to providing information, interviews and features on progressive electronic music.

       AMBIENT REVIEW   --   www.ambientreview.com
       A Web site that contains reviews of ambient music and an on-line store to purchase some of it.



       STEVE JOLLIFFE   --   www.stevejolliffe.net
       The Steve Jolliffe Web site.

       LIGHTWAVE   --   www.lightwave-musique.com
       A new Lightwave Web site.

       KLAUS SCHULZE   --   www.klaus-schulze.com
       The Klaus Schulze Web site.

       BJORN LYNNE   --   www.lynnemusic.com
       The Web site of Bjorn Lynne, a Norwegian-born, England-based composer of electronic, progressive, trance and computer-game music.
        Sometimes records using the pseudonym Divinorum.

       ASHRA   --   www.ashra.com
       The Ashra Web Site.

       HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS   --   www.roedelius.com
       The Hans-Joachim Roedelius Web site.

       PAUL HASLINGER   --   www.haslinger.com
       For news on frequent Lightwave collaborator Paul Haslinger.

       MATT HOWARTH   --   www.matthowarth.com
       The official Matt Howarth Web site. Creator of the comic strip Savage Henry and other EM-
       influenced artwork.

       JOHANNESS SCHMOELLING   --   www.johannesschmoelling.de
       The official Johannes Schmoelling Web site.

       DOM F. SCAB   --   www.domfscab.com
       The Dom F. Scab Web site. Contains news, studio information, discography et. al. on this wonderful synthesist from Spain.

       THE SYNDROMEDA WEB SITE   --   www.syndromeda.be



       Generator   --   www.generator.pl
       Specializing in electronic music since 1994

       EUROCK   --   www.eurock.com
       One of America's best retailers of progressive and electronic music.

       FWD COMPUTING   --   FWDcomputing.bizland.com/fwdcomputingsoftware
       Rare science fiction, horror and silent movies on DVD and science fiction, horror and old time radio audiobooks in CD and MP3 formats.



       ARP 2600   --   www.synthmuseum.com/arp/arp260001.html