A review of Omni by Steve Jolliffe

"Trailblazing. Precedent-setting. Pioneering. Adventurous. Progressive. Refreshing." These are the words that came to this reviewer's mind upon hearing Omni for the first time. And after listening to Steve Jolliffe's effort for the second time, I must now add "enchanting and excellent!"

For those of you unaware, Steve was an integral part of Tangerine Dream and has 30 years experience not to mention 20 solo albums to his credit. In my opinion, Mr. Jolliffe stands alone in his musical genre.

There are three tracks on this electronic music masterpiece, totaling over 56 minutes of fascinating music that is all at once ambient and trance. Music this listener became totally immersed in. What I discovered was while all three tracks are totally different from each other in musical theme, there is a kinship that relates all three that could only be fathered by Steve Jolliffe.

Omni represents an uncovering of new worlds and new art...and the best ambient/trance music I've heard. My guess is that the only musician/producer who can progress beyond Omni is Steve Jolliffe...on some future album. Mr. Jolliffe personifies creativity and is the only one on the horizon who can better such an effort. If you are seeking electronic music that is bold and beautiful...look no further. Omni is great!

By Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews, www.metarev.com