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Steve Jolliffe to perform in Britain and Poland

Steve Jolliffe will give a concert on June 25 in Devon, England and a concert in Gorlice, Poland on July 8. The performance in England will take place at the Shilingford St. George Church at 1 Llex Close in Exeter. Tickets are £5 apiece including refreshments and the show will commence at 6:30 PM.

The performance in Poland is part of the 18th edition of a festival of ambient electronic music that will occur over 2 days. In addition to Steve, Hans-Joachim Roedelius will be topping the bill on the following night.

These shows will be Steve Jolliffe's first live performances since his "SoundArt" exhibit in Oxford, England 3 years ago (see the Press page for more information).

VCSR releases LP consisting of tapes from 1979 and 1980

More of a loosely organized collective than a proper band or group, Voltage Controlled Silent Regions (VCSR) recorded over 60 reels of tape between 1978 and 1984. Ever since a plan to have an album produced by Al Jourgensen of Ministry proved abortive, Bil Vermette (the synthesist in the lower right in the photo) has wanted to compile those recordings into albums. He obtained the original raw tapes in 2010, listened to them and eventually sent several of them to a record store/label in Chicago called Permanent Records. They liked the 4th tape the best, and have released it as an LP under the title 'Tape'.

The tracks on the record are:

Side A:

Untitled #41 (4:50 in length)
Untitled #26 (14:30 in length)

Side B:

Untitled #32 (21:20 in length)

The music on this LP was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs and without edits or re-dos. As one might expect from spacey electronic music that was recorded in 1979/1980, as this was, and from people who thought of themselves not as musicians but as people who played music, there is a certain lack of technical skill, but that is more than offset by a zeal for improvisation that is clearly evident in these recordings that have been unearthed from the past.

On account of our relationship with Bil Vermette, Horizon Music has been able to obtain copies of this limited-edition vinyl pressing and sell them to you for $15 each. You can hear a sample of Untitled #41 on our samples page.

Mark Ashby - Podcast

Mark Ashby, who released a couple of CD's on the Horizon Music label in the late 1990's, has started a podcast. This is an interview show that covers progressive music in all forms, including electronic. Interviewees include Jerome Froese, Larry Fast of Synergy, Markus Reuter, Steve Hackett, Spock's Beard, and Pat Mastelotto.

You can access Mark's podcast as www.progtopia.com.

During the summer of 2013, Steve Jolliffe did an exhibition of mixed media works and musical performance called Sound Art. It took place at The Jam Factory in Oxford, England. The aim was to present a collection of paintings, music and animation projects which provide a creative and constantly-evolving exploration of sound and color.

Videos can be seen at:

Steve Jolliffe exhibition concert

Steve Jolliffe Sound Art compilation

Steve Jolliffe eye 1 video

Steve Jolliffe Sound Art 4

Steve Jolliffe Sound Art 2

Summer in Dordogne

Bil Vermette releases double album "Galaxies IV"

Chicago-based synthesist Bil Vermette has released his latest album, a double CD entitled "Galaxies IV". One disc in the set is called "Realm of the Galaxies" and the other is "Pulses". Both CD's showcase calming melodies mixed with sequences of varying intensity. A lack of hurriedness is evident throughout.

Horizon Music is selling this 2 CD for $24. Order Now!

The selections are:

Realm of the Galaxies

1) Spindle 4:07
2) Sunflower 3:43
3) Black Eye 6:08
4) Mikly Way 8:10
5) Whirlpool 5:54
6) Bodes Nebula 10:41
7) Pinwheel 8:59
8) Andromeda 6:03


1) Upriver 5:51
2) Riding the Hogback 6:25
3) Dreaming of Katha 10:00
4) Hidden Cave 4:50
5) Umbrella in the Reign of... 7:58
6) K2 6:35
7) Over Greenland 10:10
8) Slick Rock Trail 6:04

Musician Conrad Schnitzler dies - August 4

We at Horizon Music were sad to learn that Conrad Schnitzler died on the evening of August 4, 2011 from stomach cancer. In late 2005, "Moon Mummy", a CD to which he contributed the music, was released on the Horizon label. One of the great pioneers of electronic music, he will be greatly missed. The tributes that we have received from various record labels and musicians have been concise yet moving:

Steve Jolliffe - "Another good man has gone on his way."

Dave Law, Synth Music Direct ( www.synthmusicdirect.com ) - "A truly unique person."

Lloyd Barde (www.lloydbarde.com)-- He made some great contributions to music."

Mark Ashby - "Sad news. He was an innovator for sure."

Schnitzler had the following message concerning his death at www.fancymoon.com

Since some time, I globalize me.
Why just living in one country,
why just sleeping in one country,
why just being buried only in one country,
now that we think and live globally.

I would like to be at beautiful places in the world,
without to move me from my place here.
I send my DNA (my hair) to different places in the world.
This means I'm all over the world.
I'm everywhere, even when I'll be dead.
Nobody must come to my grave in Berlin.
My friends can visit me in the whole world now.

So if friends want to give me a place..., welcome.
I'll send a DNA sample to bury me.
I am in the whole world at home now. I love this feeling.

(Note: there are no more DNA samples currently available. May Conrad Schnitzler rest in peace.)

Critical praise for Syndromeda/Matt Howarth's Mythical Pursuit

"This contains some of Danny Budts' (aka Syndromeda) most appealing music for quite some time. His albums are always a good listen but on this one he really pulls out all the stops. It has his signature sounds all over it, the mutli layered often quite complex sequencer backing mixing with mystical melodies that at times gently seep into the consciousness whilst at others build to wild solo proportions. As fitting with the album title there is a feeling of questing for answers with many a strange, nervous and edgy twist and turn which serve to heighten tension at just the right times. There are also some really moody ominous passages full of dark intent. After all, with titles like 'Her Insane Majesty's Entropic Empire', 'Inside her Tomb' and 'A Lingering Dread' you wouldn't exactly expect Happy Clappy! The album is actually credited to Syndromeda and Matt Howarth but don't let that confuse you. All the music is by Syndromeda. Matt created the Comic to which this music is designed to accompany and which provided the inspiration for the project. The album will play fine on any standard CD player / Hi Fi but if you do have a computer you can put it in the CD drive and access an otherwise unavailable file which contains the PDF of the comic. The music howver works fine in its own right without access to the comic and the comic could also appeal to many even without the music. If you are already a Syndromeda fan I would buy this without hesitation but if you are new to Danny's music this would not be a bad place to start (this or 'Alien Abduction Phenomenon' that is)." Dave Law, www.synthmusicdirect.com

"Full-on synth/sequencer music is pretty much the name of the game regarding Belgium keyboardist Danny Budts, aka Syndromeda. He's built a respectable career working his particular skein of genre music, consciously aping the more salient moments of both Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze when required. Mythical Pursuit actually wrings a good deal of compositional grit from the Schulzian model, Budts executing six fairly lengthy sequencer treatises of considerable zap and electrical pram. The distinguishing factor on this Pursuit, however, can be discovered perusing 'collaborator' Matt Howarth's accompanying comic, which is embedded in this specially enhanced CD and adds a demonstrably evocative visual element to Budts' already frenzied tremolos. As interesting as Howarth's panels are, however, immersing oneself in the Syndromeda soundworld wholecloth might well be the preferable method of interaction for the average listener. Such an approach is well worth the effort: 'Hidden in the Asteroid Belt' modulates sequencer rush against tidal waves of soaring analogics; 'Her Insane Majesty's Entropic Empire' marries Howarth's dystopian fantasies to Budts' latent tangerine phasing, wind-whipped effects and interstellar soar. Budts' tonal phraseology does cozy up a bit too closely to Berlin alumni for comfort, but ignoring what his objectives truly are -- mining a seam of electronic music rich enough to coarse through a roster of international artists' veins for over 30 years -- doesn't diminish from the palpable tensions he judiciously coaxes from his patchcord array." Darren Bergstein, e/i Magazine, www.eiaudioverite.blogspot.com

The cost of the CD is $12 plus shipping.

The tracks on "Mythical Pursuit" are:

1) Mountaintop Consultation with a Slime Mold12:31
2) Hidden in the Asteroid Belt8:23
3) Crossing 2AU1:42
4) Her Insane Majesty's Entropic Empire18:22
5) Inside her Tomb14:30
6) A Lingering Dread5:00

Horizon Music releases Syndromeda CD, "Mythical Pursuit"

Syndromeda (www.syndromeda.be) is the pseudonym of a Belgian musician named Danny Budts. He has released several CD's over the years on various labels in Europe and the UK, and his latest, entitled "Mythical Pursuit" is now available from Horizon Music. This is an enhanced CD with a PDF storyline by Matt Howarth (www.matthowarth.com) that can be viewed on your computer, provided that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0. Matt also did the artwork on the disc.

Danny Budts' music contains influences from several German synthesists, most notably Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. But there is a touch of originality to his sequencer rhythms combined with dense atmospherics that makes him stand out.

Lightwave contributes to compilation on Italian label

In 2007, the French electro-acoustic duo Lightwave contributed a piece called "Proxima Thule" to a compilation called "Cryosphere" on Glacial Movements Records ( www.glacialmovements.com ). Since Lightwave has lots of unreleased music in stock, they had no problem when this small Italian label approached them about contributing a track for "Cryosphere". Besides, the duo is at the moment undecided as to when their next full album will be put together. Lightwave's publisher, Petra Gehrmann of Metisse Music ( www.metisse-music.com ) assures us that contributing one track to a Glacial Movements disc does not mean an ending of Lightwave's relationship with Horizon Music.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius tour a fruitful one

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, whose "Selfportrait VIII - Intropsection" CD we released in 2002, has completed a successful tour of the U.S. He performed with American synthesists Dwight Ashley and Tim Story. The sets consisted mostly of material from two Roedelius/Story collaborations, "Persistence of Memory" (a limited edition, soon-to-be-out-of-print CD) and "Lunz". Frequently, a long, cascading ambient introduction was followed by a Roedelius piano solo eerily reminiscent of "Lunz" or even "Pink Blue & Amber", a CD that Story particularly likes. Near the end of the sets, the ambient synth lines and the piano melodies fused very nicely and hypnotically.

Roedelius' entourage consisted of a young colleague, while Ashley and Story were accompanied on tour by their families, all of whom answered questions people had about the various CD's that were for sale. The various opening acts in different cities were also fans of Roedelius, and were very supportive of his efforts.

The only disappointment was that the Nashville gig was cancelled, and with less than two weeks' notice. C'est la vie.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius to tour U.S. in June

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, whose "Selfportrait VIII - Intropsection" CD we released in 2002, will be touring the United States throughout June. The dates and venues we have at this time are as follows:

  • June 9: Ojai, CA ( www.beatricewood.com ) Noon to 3:00 -- workshop. Participation is limited.
  • June 10: Ojai, CA 2:00 to 5:00 PM -- open reception for Roedelius; 8:00 PM -- concert. Tickets are $18 apiece
  • June 12-14: Henry Miller Library Foundation ( www.henrymiller.org ), Big Sur, CA
  • June 16-17: Red Eye Theater ( www.theredeye.org ), Minneapolis, MN. 8:00 PM each night. Tickets are $13.
  • June 18: Red Eye Theatre. 2:00 PM. Tickets are $10
  • June 21: Contemporary Arts Center ( www.contemporaryartscenter.org ), Cincinnati, OH
  • June 23: Lexington, KY
  • June 24: Nashville, TN

Some of this information can be found at www.roedelius.com.

Lightwave announces the reissuing of two of their CD's

On the heels of a successful, sold-out concert in France, Lightwave announces the reissuing of two of their CD's on the Horizon label: "Mundus Subterraneus" and "Tycho Brahé". Both of these discs feature Paul Haslinger on synthesizers.

"Tycho Brahé" was initially released in 1993 and was inspired by the influential and controversial 16th-century Danish astronomer of the same name. A maverick in his day, Brahé once proved that a tremendously bright light in the constellation Cassiopeia did not move, but was stationary. This was contrary to the widely held notion that constellations never changed. Tycho also measured the positions of the stars and planets with an accuracy that was unheard of at the time. In his later years he was the mentor to the Austrian astronomer Johannes Kepler.

Lightwave's Christian Wittmann has said, "With 'Tycho' we wanted to deal with astronomy and all the cosmic imagery, but not in a cheap way. Going backwards to the past was a way to find some very influential concepts, and a poetic atmosphere."

"Mundus Subterraneus" was first released in 1995 and is based on a book written in 1664 by the Roman scholar Athanasius Kircher. The book suggested that water moving to and from a subterranean ocean caused tides. Kircher got his inspiration after being lowered into the crater of Vesuvius, which at the time was on the brink of eruption.

Christian Wittmann once said about "Mundus": "Christoph Harbonnier was mainly working on sampled sounds, while I was mainly in charge of the electro-acoustic sounds. And Paul assumed some of the more musical and harmonic touches. He was also in charge of the overall production and final mixes." Both might have added that the music sounds great over headphones!

You can find MP3 samples from each of these CD's in the "samples" section of our Web site.

Lightwave to perform in Paris on March 12


Lightwave will headline the "Presence electronique" festival at the Maison de Radio France in Paris on Sunday, March 12, 2006. Christian Jacob and Christoph Harbonnier will play a special concert with trumpeter Jon Hassell and Michael Redolfi. The performance will take place in the Salle Olivier Messiaen at 7:00 PM. The four musicians will play pieces of music specially composed for the Acousmonium PA system of the GRM (a multiphonic PA system with innovative sound diffusion and spatialization devices). On stage will be a complex set-up of video-controlled computers with softwares put together by Redolfi. The quartet plans to record the concert and eventually release it as either a digital file or CD.

Horizon Music releases "Moon Mummy" CD by Conrad Schnitzler and Matt Howarth

Steve JolliffeHorizon Music has just issued its latest CD, "Moon Mummy", with music by Conrad Schnitzler and artwork, including a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher to open, by Matt Howarth. Schnitzler is one of Germany's most prolific musicians of the past 40 years, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians such as Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Tangerine Dream and Jörg Thomasius. His catalog consists of over 200 releases, most of which could be loosely classified as "electronic", as they explore sonic depths that many other musicians never venture near.

Matt Howarth is a Philadelphia-based comic strip artist . Oftentimes, progressive and electronic musicians are featured in his work. He and Conrad Schnitzler have known each other for more than 20 years, and Schnitzler appears frequently in Howarth's comics. Recent strips have featured Dave Brock of Hawkwind, Manuel Göttsching and Ron Geesin. More information about Matt Howarth's work can be found at http://www.matthowarth.com .

The underlying concept behind "Moon Mummy" is "a cautionary comedy about the dangers of mixing science and commercialization". You can also find a sound sample of the piece "Mummy Dance" on the "samples" page of our Web site.

Steve Jolliffe performs in southwestern England

British synthesist and Horizon Music recording artist Steve Jolliffe performed at the Dartmouth Art Centre in Devon, England on Friday, November 11. He played new material from the soon-to-be-released "Vision Earth" album, but with a different lineup of instruments from the version performed in October in the Canary Islands. Both concerts were quite successful, with visuals that were very well received by the crowd. He says the powers-that-be in Devon spent 2 million pounds on a new art center complex complete with a state-of-the-art projection system which he used for the show. Devon holds special significance for Steve, for it is where he once made a film called "Drake's Venture", which concerned the English navigator Sir Francis Drake who lived in Devon.

Steve is currently busy buying new keyboards for future concerts, which he wants to be "completely live".

Steve Jolliffe to perform in the Canary Islands

On Sunday, October 16, British synthesist and Horizon Music recording artist Steve Jolliffe will perform at the Ricochet Gathering at Gomera on the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. He informs us that he will be playing new material from an upcoming album to be called "Vision Earth". This live version will be entitled "La Gomera". Steve's concert will be part of a festival that lasts from October 11 to October 18 and also features British acts Air Sculpture, Paul Lawler and Paul Nagle, American synthesists Dave Brewer and Bill Fox, Germany's Star Sounds Orchestra and several Polish musicians. Vic Rek of Ricochet Dream is putting this series of concerts together, and more information can be found at http://www.ricochetdream.com/gomera.html.

Steve Jolliffe gives two successful concerts

Steve JolliffeBritish synthesist Steve Jolliffe performed live twice in September. One concert was at the Ricochet Gathering in Muflon in Komarno by Jelenia Gora in Poland on September 11 and the other was in Buckinghamshire on September 25. Both performances were well received, and Steve himself had a great time. He did some material from various albums as well as some previously unreleased music. He even included a piece he wrote in 1969 during a brief stint with Tangerine Dream but never released. The Poland concert featured many other musicians, such as Mario Schönwälder with Detlef Keller and Bas Broekhuis, Star Sounds Orchestra, Paul Lawler, Dave Brewer and Bill Fox. Vic Rek of Ricochet Dream organized this gathering and plans to issue a live CD of it on his label. There may also be some additional gatherings involving Steve and Vic. More information can be found at http://www.ricochetdream.com.

Photo courtesy of Peter Millenium

New Roedelius Book Out

A book on electronic music pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius has been released. Written by British journalist Stephen Iliffe, the title is "Painting with Sound", and it is available from www.meridianguides.com. Iliffe has met Roedelius on many occasions, and interviewed him for the UK magazine Audion. Further interviews were conducted as part of the research. Four years in the making, this 120-page book covers Roedelius' life from the 1930s to post-World War II East Germany to the late 1960s in Berlin and then maps out the various genres of electronic music that he helped to spark off.

Among the highlights of the book are:

  1. Over 80 photographs, many from Roedelius' private archives
  2. Reviews of over 60 albums by Roedelius, Cluster and Harmonia (including the Horizon release "Selfportrait VIII - Introspection")
  3. Full color reproductions of each album
  4. Stories and insight from the Krautrock era
  5. A foreword by Brian Eno
  6. A list of further useful reading and Web sites
This book will appeal to all fans of electronic, ambient, Krautrock, progressive, industrial, new age, or...anybody who appreciates good music!

Horizon Music releases "Space" by Steve Jolliffe

"Space", a CD by British synthesist Steve Jolliffe that Horizon Music released in early 2003, has been chosen by the prestigious retailer Backroads Music as one of its favorite albums of 2003 in the "Instrumental (includes Acoustic and Electronic music)" category. The full rankings can be seen at www.backroadsmusic.com/catalog/best/bestof2003.htm.

When we at Horizon Music called Backroads President Lloyd Barde to thank him for praising "Space" in this manner, he said he appreciated the CD and called it "ambitious". His complete review can be found at www.backroadsmusic.com/catalog/lloyds_picks/lloyds

The tracks on this CD are:

1) Expandere 13:07
2) Axioum 7:54
3) Ermite 5:01
4) Euclidean 16:40
5) Cislunar 15:24
6) Eros 13:19

Horizon Music CD's now distributed by POP3 Media

Early in 2005, the distribution mechanism for Horizon Music titles underwent another corporate reshuffling. The distributor has changed its name from Viastar Media Corporation to POP3 Media Corp. This new name reflects an emphasis on emerging technologies for distribution, particularly over the Internet. The Web site for POP3 Media is http://www.pop3media.com. You can contact POP3 at info@pop3media.com or by calling corporate communications at 888-592-7827.

POP3 Media states:

Distribution is the heart of the media sales and the marketing process that exists between production companies and the international retailers, through on-line services, and brick and mortar retailers. The primary mission of Viastar's Distribution Group is to create demand and provide supply. Viastar Distribution Group division ("VDG") is also responsible for fulfillment of both physical and digital product. As an integral element of Pop3 Media, the distribution division facilitates all label credits, collection and cash flow.

In the U.S and overseas, VDG supports Music, Games, Software, DVD, and written word products. VDG also handles distribution and sales for Pop3 Media's diverse roster of labels as well as a wide variety client labels. Viastar Distribution Group's coverage includes over 20,000 retailers nationwide with direct fulfillment to retail chains such as: Tower Records, Wal-Mart, Virgin Mega Stores, HMV, Blockbuster, Musicland, Sam Goody, MediaPlay, Wherehouse, Best Buy, Camelot, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Record Town, Strawberries, Coconuts, For Your Entertainment (FYE), Transworld, Specs, Peaches, Plan 9, Hastings, Music Millennium and thousands of other independent music retailers.

In addition, VDG's customers include all key one-stops such as: AEC, Super D, Norwalk, Galaxy and Baker & Taylor Entertainment. These one-stop distribution accounts are key in servicing smaller stores, remote locations and secondary markets. As part of VDG's service package to vendor labels and retail accounts, VDG offers marketing services which support radio, touring and publicity and with retail p.o.p. programs. These initiatives brand the artist, the label and VDG / Pop3.

VDG is a member of NARM (National Association of Record Merchandisers) and AFIM (Association For Independent Music). Its labels, are all members of the industry associations including NARAS (aka Grammys). With numerous awards and world-class artist rosters to its credit, Pop3 and its label affiliates expect to establish a significant role in the new look of the music industry over the next decade. Much of the business program for Pop3 is built on being in position to offer an enhanced entertainment value for consumers of music, audio books and DVDs..

Dance of Shadows

Horizon Music recording artist Mark Ashby has been nominated for a Torgi award by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind for a book he narrated called "Killing Pablo". Dance of ShadowsMark works for a company called Potomac Talking Book Services, which produces book recordings primarily for the U.S. Library of Congress' National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. And the Library of Congress partners with the CNIB to get these narrated recordings distributed to Canadian libraries. That's how Mark got nominated for the Torgi award, which is akin to a Canadian Grammy award for non-commercially produced talking books.

This is not the first time that Mark's work has been recognized by the recording industry. In 2002 some of the music he contributed to the film Dance of Shadows was considered for use in the television show "Witchblade". But before a definite decision could be made in this regard, the show was not renewed for another season.

Horizon Music releases "Space" by Steve Jolliffe


The vast infinitude of space is simultaneously all-encompassing and unknowable. It is all around and still untouchable. It can be studied, but it may never be grasped. Simply put, space inspires awe in those who desire to comprehend it.

In this spirit of wonder and adventure, Horizon Music announces the release of Space, the latest effort from critically acclaimed British composer Steve Jolliffe. Although many have encountered Jolliffe's name in connection with the pioneering electronic band Tangerine Dream, he has spent the last two decades perfecting his own formula of synthesized music blended with acoustic elements. This fusion, embodied in this album as on his others, continues his outstanding track record of uniting traditional and futuristic sounds in his signature fashion.

From the moment the fluid "Expandere" opens the disc until the closing passages of "Eros," Space moves through symphonic, trance-dance, acoustic and retro elements in a driving, exciting combination. Jolliffe again moves forward while simultaneously echoing electronica's roots. The album will appeal equally to those listeners discovering Jolliffe's work for the first time as well as his loyal fans who have come to expect such a high-quality offering from a veteran of the progressive instrumental field.

Roedelius performs in New York

In late April 2003, Hans-Joachim Roedelius performed at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City. "The program was excellent and people appreciated it very much," Roedelius says. He considers the theatre-venue the best place in New York for him to play and might perform there again in the future. For additional information on this organization, please visit www.acfny.org.

Copies of "Selfportrait VIII - Introspection" were given to media, some artists and the director of the forum.

"Hans-Joachim Roedelius pulls a delightful array of sounds from the synthesizer and 'Introspection' offers a wonderful range of sound for those occasions when you need something peaceful and soothing. This is a welcome taste of tranquillity in an age when many people feel stressed and threatened by upheavals in the world around them."

Sheela Adrian, writing in the Winter 2003 issue of newWitch magazine about "Introspection"

Horizon Music releases "Selfportrait VIII - Introspection" by Hans-Joachim Roedelius

One of the true pioneers of electronic music, Hans-Joachim Roedelius has a musical career that has spanned more than three decades and produced more than 50 solo and collaborative albums. During this time he has established a reputation for creating compelling, warm and vivid music through his own unique approach to musical improvisation and texture. And he and his musical colleagues have been credited with influencing a generation of contemporary musicians.

Starting in the late 1960's, Roedelius has been a founder/member of such organizations and bands as the Zodiak Free Arts Lab in Berlin, Kluster (which metamorphosed into Cluster after co-founder Conrad Schnitzler left), Harmonia (which Brian Eno once called the best band of the 1970s) and, more recently, Aquarello. He has also recorded music for various dance and theater productions in Europe. The musicians involved in these and other collaborations include such notables as Dieter Moebius, Eno, Michael Rother, Peter Baumann, and the late producer and engineer Conny Plank.

In the 1980s and 1990s Roedelius released several solo albums in a series called Selbstportrait. As the name implies, these are very personal albums, showcasing a quieter aspect of his music. Much of it was actually recorded in the 1970s, when Roedelius lived in the rural German village of Forst.

Now in 2002, Hans-Joachim Roedelius has released a solo album, Introspection, on Horizon Music. He dedicates it to all the innocent victims of terrorist attacks, wars and other battles in the world. The music is very peaceful, with the hope that decisions will be made that will bring peace to a world shaken by the disasters of September 11. Not one to look back, Roedelius continues to make music, either as a solo artist or in collaboration with others, that is as distinct, innovative and enduring as ever. This new album on Horizon will be ample proof of this.

Lightwave concert a success

Lightwave performed a concert in Limoges, a town that is south of Paris, on April 4 in a concert hall called Salle Jean Gagnant. The concert was a musical triumph. Collaborators Christian Jacob and Christoph Harbonnier were joined by guitarist Pierre Chaze. There was a huge video screen behind the trio that showed images that Christoph created, as in the accompanying photo. Various processing devices and a video mixing board were used to treat Christoph's images.

Christian describes the music performed as a "Chill out ambient concert with some rhythmic/trance parts . . . very floating sometimes". The band had two stereo PA systems in the concert hall, creating a nice "surround" effect. A true hi-fi concert indeed!

For additional information on this fascinating band, please visit Lightwave.